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Dissecting Owl Pellets
Conservation of Energy

@ The Academy, it's always a 

good time to learn!

K-2nd Grade-STEM Fridays: Who knew that a slug is not a bug? Or that a centipede doesn't actually have 100 legs?

This group of 5-7 year old students learned these facts and a lot more at our STEM Fridays! We offer enrichment classes for all age groups using Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math...and to make it even more fun we add Art! 

At The Academy, it's never too early to learn! 

Pre-K Reading: It's never too early to teach a child to read. We offer a class for pre-K students that will ensure their confidence in Kindergarten. They will learn the letters and their sounds through an award-winning program called Zoo-phonics®. The program is thorough, effective, and fun!

Math Hopscotch: We know that many students find math to be frustrating and boring, so we turn many of our math lessons into games. The students are often having so much fun that they don't even realize they're learning. Check our one of our instructors, Cara, as she works through multiplication facts with an elementary student!